Clad-Rack Warehouses

Clad-Rack Warehouses

Godrej Clad-Rack Warehouses are self-supporting warehouse structures that completely utilizes available ground space and height. The racking system are the support structure that holds the walls and roof of the warehouse in place. In comparison to conventional PEB design which requires isolated pillar structure to support the warehouse building, CRW uses the racking structure to create an evenly distributed load of superstructure. Clad Rack Warehouse can be made up with any type of static conventional storage system.
  • Overall cost saving up to 25% in comparison to PEB structured warehouse
  • Designed as per EN 15512:2009
  • 40% quicker project handover.
  • 15% reduction in steel in comparison to PEB
  • Horizontal and vertical expansion can be done as per future requirement


Up to 10% reduction in warehouse flooring cost

Better volumetric utilization

Enables easy relocation
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) fitting compatible
Best suited temporary warehouse requirements.
Easier Relocation & Reuse with maximum cost advantage
Reduced number of vendors

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