Corner and Edge Protection

Corner and Edge Protection


Angleboard is manufactured with multiple layers of paperboard, laminated with glue and formed into a rigid right angle, providing exceptional strength for load stability and packaging protection. Angleboard is available in a variety of lengths, leg-sizes and thicknesses.


Reddi-Pac products are manufactured with laminated paperboard and help prevent product damages that can occur during shipping and handling. Reddi-Pac is an excellent replacement for wooden crates that are shipped overseas – providing superior strength and protection for almost any application.

  • U-Board™
  • Reddi-Crate™
  • Jumbo Corner™


Edgeboard is manufactured from Polyolefinic materials reinforced with cellulose fibers and wrapped for finish and strength. Edgeboards are essential for edge protection, pallets or boxes reinforcement, wedging, stacking and pallet stabilization strengthening.

METWRAPP™ – Virgin polypropylene bubble guard sheet®

METWRAPP is manufactured from polypropylene. It has a two or three layer structure with either one or both the surfaces with plain sheet and a middle layer of bubbles that are thermoformed and welded on the plain sheet to form a homogeneous structure. Bubbles have a high contact area. This provides high compression resistance and also equal strength in all directions. Metwrapp is completely recyclable & eco- friendly product for various industrial application in face content.

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