Mobistack Duo Plus

Mobistack Duo Plus

The Mobistack Duo Plus is a two-tier motorized mobile shelving system that offers smart storage solution. The intelligent system provides a variety of safety features which enables to create a safe working environment to the end user. The two-tier system provides maximum storage by utilizing the vertical space. The Two-tier system with smart functionality is enabled with aisle access control and Data import export option for audit trails. Electronic interlocking function creates a safe working environment by multilevel safety functions loaded with multiple sensors. The alert mechanism incorporates both audio and visual technology to inform the end user about the system movements. Apart from the functional and safety a wide variety of accessories can be attached for better functionality. The system provides a compact, safe and secure storage solution that utilizes vertical storage space to increase storage space


  • Access controlled aisles
  • Status Indication
  • SKU based aisle opening
  • Audit Trail
  • Ventilation Mode
  • Manual cranking
  • Emergency Mode
  • Diagnostic Tool
  • Packing Function
  • Automatic Aisle Lighting

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