Strap Dispensers

Strap Dispensers

Strapping dispensers are required for efficient strapping operations when using manual tools or automatic machines. Depending on strap size and type, tooling customer plant layout and the product to be packaged, Signode India has the right dispenser for the job! Each dispenser accommodates a standard coil of mill-wound or a coil of ribbon-wound material. The operator pulls lightly on the strap-end and the strap is effortlessly paid-off from the dispenser. On most dispensers a set of strap guide rollers make strap pay-off easy and also act as strap over-run brake systems. Their heavy-duty and robust construction ensure a long dispenser working life even under the most severe conditions. The ergonomic design ensures an optimum working position and facilitates easy strap-coil reloading. Fixed and mobile models are available, with or without seal and tool trays for equipment storage when the tool is not in use. Dispensers can accommodate Signode India Apex® and Magnus® steel strapping.

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